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Oh YES! We stan for all things au naturale and genuine. We add in all the yummy stuff ourselves to make sure noting harmful goes into our products.


We are big on giving back here at W&L and therefore, every purchase made, one hungry tummy will be fed in our home city, Durban, South Africa.

South African

We are proud to say that we support our local businesses! All ingredients are locally produced. How great is that?

“The dry spots on my nose, cheeks and forehead have been gone since I used it (serum)”

“The packaging is so cute and eco-friendly. I love it!”

“Smells great. Can’t wait to start using it. Soooo cute”

“I’m so impressed and happy”

“Thank you for sharing your awesome creations! I’ll be getting more
to give to my friends when I visit them in Singapore.”

“Thank you so much! You’ve literally saved my skin from drying out.
I’ve tried almost everything but only your serums work for me.”

“Looks extremely beautiful”

“Your eye serum has helped so much with the dark circles!!!!”