Weather & Love


Hello, my name is Lara Sue. I am the owner of Weather & Love.

I have always had a passion for skincare, as when I was growing up I had my fair share of skin problems and probably used every single skincare brand out there.

I soon realized that the best way to go, is to go natural, and by soon I mean almost 5 years later…after experimenting with way too many ‘at home remedies’

Weather & Love revolves around simply being who you are and loving yourself through every stage of life.

We are saying goodbye to those over-priced, toxic skincare brands and hello to gentle, clean & rejuvenating products. 

We use only the most gentle combinations of natural oils to best suit your skin and include a small amount of essentials oils to add to the benefits of our products. 

We hope you love our products & learn to love yourself even more through imperfections.


With love, Weather & Love.

Address: Durban North, KZN, South Africa

Instagram: @weatherandlove

Facebook: @weatherandlove

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