Weather & Love


Payment & Delivery

Payment Method: Cash Only on Delivery (VND)*  [We use local mobile couriers to send our products out. The cost for delivery is not included on the website because the cost is determined by the courier and based on your location.]

Delivery Policy: When you place your order we will get in contact with you to arrange the time and cost of delivery. *Note we only receive and send orders in Vietnam.

If you have any queries about our payment and delivery please send us an email here:

Stock availability & Pricing

Please note all online orders are subject to stock availability, and such availability may not be precisely displayed on the site. If the particular item(s) ordered are not in stock Weather & Love will make contact with you to inform you of any irregular order placements. Please also note that the website product prices as displayed may be subject to data input discrepancies, and therefore potential customers are encouraged to make contact with the stores admin for final confirmation of stock and price status before the order is placed. 

Our Products

All Weather & Love products are homemade using ingredients purchased from local suppliers. 

The oils are sourced globally from countries like: France, Holland, Italy.

The ingredients we use are natural [not harmful] but the final product is not dermatologically tested. Our products are also not certified Halaal or Kosher. Do not buy or use our products if you are not comfortable with this.

We do not test on animals.